Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Videos!

Hey All!

i have uploaded one new video and another on is available for viewing upon request!

Below is a TV ad i did on Make a Wish Foundation:

p.s the boy is my brother :D

Ashes to Dust, the short we produced in 2006, is available for viewing online, however the link has to be requested first!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All that Gaga

Dark Spindle has enjoyed a wonderful month as we have progressed from one screening, to a selection for a workshop at the DIFF and meeting a tonne of people in the industry.

Here i will especially mention one such person. Mike; who by day represents a fabulously creative company which goes by the name of "9714" and by night runs I-BO at the Millennium Hotel near the Airport. He conducts a film screening there every Monday evening. This week it was the very popular "Being Osama" by a local Director Mahmood Kabour and i have to admit it is a must see. I had tears in my eyes and when that happens, we all know what it means.

In brief, Being Osama looks at the post 9/11 lives of 6 men from Montreal named Osama. Contrary to popular belief, the doco doesnt just deal with racism, it is a whole lot more, looking into the depths of what makes these Osama's stand tall regardless of what the state of the world is.

I suggest all of you head to I-BO regularly for the screening session is beyond just comfortable. You have such cute sofas, you almost feel grand. With dark walls, and tired Dubaians loitering about, anticipating a thought provoking movie, I-BO is a perfect hangout for someone looking to relax and let things be. What's more, if you're a girl, you will absolutely love Mike's company. Not only is he astonishingly, adorably good looking, attractive and dare i say hot, he is as charming as they come. Pleasant smile and a welcoming attitude added to the ambient is bound to cheer you up. So do yourself a favor and pay the place a visit!

Thas all for now.
Wish me luck for the workshop.

Best Wishes